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Pilot Error and Illinois Plane Crashes: Know the Risks and Your Rights

With nearly 100,000 commercial, private, military, and air taxi flights taking off and landing every day in the United States, airlines have become a vital mode of public mass transportation for many individuals.  In fact, there are some who seem to spend more time on airplanes than they do in cars. Air travel has proven to be an invaluable mode of transportation across the country and around the world, getting people and products to desired destinations in a rather short amount of time.

Although planes are statistically a safe mode of transportation, when airplane crashes happen, they typically gather nationwide interest, mostly due to the number of lives affected through the accident. According to Aviation Safety Magazine, there are two main reasons as to why plane crashes occur: Tactical Errors and Operational Errors. Each of these is attributed to pilot error, the leading cause of commercial airline accidents in the United States.

Tactical Errors and Illinois Airline Crashes

  • Fatigue – Long-range flights and long pilot shifts can reduce pilot alertness while in the cockpit.
  • Inebriation – Drugs and alcohol drastically reduce pilot alertness, attention to detail, rational thought, and reaction time. Just like in an automobile, lives are put at risk when pilots get in the cockpit under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Lack of experience/age – Some airlines have traded in older, more experienced pilots for younger pilots with less experience in an effort to save on payroll. However, these pilots don’t have the experience needed to handle some of the more challenging, unpredictable situations that planes can become involved in.


Operational Errors and Illinois Airline Crashes

These types of errors are typically attributed to problems with flight instruction and training. Was a pilot properly trained to handle specific weather complications? What instruction was provided concerning mechanical issues and flight recovery? A pilot will most likely react to an emergency situation based on the training he/she received.

According to Boeing, pilot error is attributed to 80 percent of commercial airline crashes.  When improper training, a lack of experience, and insufficient pilot accountability come into play, hundreds of passengers’ lives can be put in danger.

If you, or someone you love, have been injured in an airline accident in Illinois, our experienced airline attorneys at Lane & Lane may be able to help you collect the compensation you are entitled to for your damages. Call 888-484-9881 today.

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