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Birth Injuries Can Result from Many Causes

Experienced Chicago Birth Injury Lawyers

What causes a birth injury? In many cases, these injuries are caused by medical mistakes that happen before, during or after labor and delivery are responsible. At Lane & Lane, LLC, our attorneys will help you find out if your child's birth defect or birth injury was preventable.

We will arrange for your medical records to be reviewed by respected medical experts who will determine the causes of your child's birth injury. If medical malpractice was involved, we will seek financial compensation for the full extent of your losses.

Birth Injury Causes Can Include:

  • Failure to respond to fetal distress
  • Delay in ordering cesarean section (c-section)
  • Failure to diagnose and treat eclampsia or pre-eclampsia during pregnancy
  • Failure to diagnose gestational diabetes
  • Failure to respond to bleeding
  • Failure to anticipate complications of a larger baby
  • Failure to anticipate complications related to the mother's health
  • Improper positioning of the baby for delivery
  • Improper monitoring a child's vitals
  • Failure to respond to umbilical cord entrapment
  • Improper use of forceps or a vacuum extractor during delivery
  • Inappropriate administration of Pitocin
  • Medication errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Failure to diagnose and treat jaundice or meningitis
  • Failure to consult a specialist
  • Failure to recognize and treat seizures following delivery
  • Failure to perform CPR following delivery
  • Failure to perform genetic testing for Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, Huntington's disease, Tay-Sachs disease, and Fragile X.
  • Failure to manage premature labor
  • Failure to diagnose and treat infections

A birth injury causes consequences for the baby and the entire family. The child who should have had a normal life may suffer a lifetime of physical or mental disability. Parents who dreamed of a healthy child must bear the financial burden of medical treatment, rehabilitation expenses and special care.

To discuss your concern, please contact Lane & Lane, LLC to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. From offices in downtown Chicago, we represent clients throughout Illinois.

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