What to Do When You Think You've Been Hurt by Medical Malpractice

Posted on: 14/06/2018

Suffering an injury at the hands of a trusted medical professional can be a traumatic experience. We want to believe that the people providing medical care have the experience and skills necessary to ensure our safety. When they fail to meet this expectation, they can be held financially responsible for any negligent action [...] read more

Medical Malpractice Trial Victory in Lake County

Posted on: 30/05/2018

As always, we’ve been busy helping our clients seek compensation for the harms they’ve suffered. In an exciting recent case, Lane & Lane, LLC partner Mark A. Brown and associate Olivia A. Sarmas secured a medical malpractice trial victory in Lake County. This case was tried in late February and early March and ended [...] read more

The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago

Posted on: 22/05/2018

Millions of people travel through Chicago every day. Due in part to the traffic congestion our city suffers, we see countless car accidents every year. Some intersections are much more dangerous than others. Continue reading to learn more about hazardous Chicago intersections and which roads you should be extra careful on.< [...] read more

Negligent and Abusive Doctors Still Able to Practice Medicine

Posted on: 01/05/2018

When you turn to medical professionals, you like to think that they have a spotless record and that you can trust them to uphold their oath to protect your health and safety. What people don’t often know, however, is that many negligent and abusive doctors are still able to practice medicine. Not knowing whether your own [...] read more

Gathering Evidence to Prove Sexual Abuse

Posted on: 05/04/2018

Victims of sexual abuse or assault have experienced trauma no one should have to endure. If it has happened to you, try to remember that you aren’t alone. In addition to family and friends who care about your wellbeing, [...] read more

Helping a Sexual Assault Victim Recover

Posted on: 18/01/2018

Sexual abuse is one of the most traumatic incidents a person can be forced to endure. It is not uncommon for survivors of sexual assault to suffer from low self-worth, feelings of guilt, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an attack. It’s not an easy thing to overcome on your own. If you have a read more

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