Who’s liable in a construction accident?

Posted on: 12/11/2016

Construction work sites are among the most dangerous places to work.  As a result, accidents at construction sites are a fairly common occurrence.  Although safety is always part of the equation on any job site, sometimes injuries and deaths happen. An injury or death is always sure to raise legal issues as construction employees seek to protect their financial health until they can recover or [...] read more

Arguments to prove a product liability case

Posted on: 05/11/2016

As a consumer, if you feel you are the victim of a product or service that caused you emotional, financial or physical harm, you may want to seek compensation through legal means. A product liability lawyer has many possible legal arguments on which to base a case and help you recover damages. Negligence – To recover damages using an argument of negligence, a plaintiff’s att [...] read more

Railroad worker injuries and the Federal Employers Liability Act

Posted on: 29/10/2016

Since 1908, when Congress passed the Federal Employers Liability Act, railroad workers have enjoyed protection in the form of legal recovery if they are injured on the job. Almost all types of railroad jobs are covered, even those jobs that are not directly around trains.  Claims by a railroad accident lawyer can be brought against any railroad employer or as a suit in state or federal courts. [...] read more

The 4 elements of proving fault in a wrongful death case

Posted on: 22/10/2016

When a person dies due to another person’s wrongful or negligent acts, that sets the stage for a wrongful death claim to be filed.  A wrongful death attorney will need to prove four main elements in a case to allow the family of the deceased to be able to collect damages. Duty – To be found liable, a defendant must have owed the deceased a duty of due care.  Due care will vary from case to [...] read more

What to look for in nursing home negligence

Posted on: 15/10/2016

When older people move into nursing home facilities, despite the fact that they may be experiencing deteriorating physical or mental conditions, they have a reasonable right to expect they will be well cared for.  Most of the time, that’s the case. However, there are instances where nursing homes to do not measure up and can actually cause harm to the people they are entrusted to care for.  T [...] read more

An overview of defective product lawsuits

Posted on: 08/10/2016

If you’ve been injured through the use of a defective product, you may have a strong case to collect damages as a result.  Although laws vary by state, a manufacturer or a seller of a product is liable if the product is deemed unreasonably dangerous and results in injury to its users. A product can be classified as defective in three possible ways: Design defect – This is w [...] read more

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