Justice Means Closure: Why It’s Important for Sex Abuse Victims


Justice means closure for sex abuse victims. When an abuser is held accountable for their actions, it provides a sense of relief to the victim that can be life-changing. For too long, society has turned a blind eye to sexual abuse, choosing instead to protect the abuser. This must change. Victims of sexual abuse deserve... Read More

How Does a Car Accident Impact a Wrongful Death Claim?


According to the CDC, there were more than 42,000 traffic deaths in 2020. The most common cause of these deaths was speeding and reckless driving. In other cases, the cause of death was distracted driving, such as texting while driving. And in still other instances, The cause of death was alcohol use and aggressive driving.... Read More

Can I Sue For a Concussion in Illinois?


A concussion is a type of head injury caused by a sudden jolt, impact, or hit to the head. The symptoms of a concussion vary from one incident to another. You can quickly recover from some symptoms, whereas others can take a long time to heal. A Chicago personal injury lawyer can help you seek... Read More

Who Is Required to Report Sexual Abuse?


Sexual abuse can result in physical injuries, mental trauma, and psychological issues. It’s especially serious when the victim is a minor. Illinois laws mandate that you must report a suspected incident of child abuse if you are on the list of mandated reporters. It is also best to consult with a sexual abuse lawyer if... Read More

Can I Change My Accident Lawyer?


Even if you are in the middle of a case, you have the right to choose your own Chicago accident lawyer. Changing attorneys isn't always a hassle. In fact, Changing lawyers to get the best possible result almost always comes at no cost.. Whatever the reason, you can always switch attorneys and find someone who will... Read More

How to Sue a Doctor for Emotional Distress


When it comes to personal injury cases, most of us think that compensation is limited to physical and financial damages, which are concrete and measurable. But Illinois law allows you to recover damages from doctors for emotional distress that arises because of their negligence. If you are suffering from emotional distress because of a doctor’s... Read More

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