How Insurance Works After a Car Accident


As a driver in Chicago, you know that you require an active auto insurance policy before operating your vehicle. But after an accident, you may be unsure of what to expect from the insurance company, what their obligations are, or whether your policy limits will be enough to cover your losses. For this reason, we... Read More

Civil Claims for Brain Injuries


One of the most devastating types of injuries you can face after an accident are those affecting the brain. This is the most complex organ in the human body, and even the slightest damage can result in catastrophic consequences. Recovering from such an injury physically, emotionally, and financially is sure to be no easy feat.... Read More

Signs of Medical Malpractice


Many individuals who suffer from injuries or illnesses related to or caused by medical malpractice are often unaware that they may have the right to compensation. This is partly because they aren’t even aware of the fact that they were victims of malpractice.  For this reason, we have provided more information below regarding some of... Read More

Is It Better to Go to Court or Accept a Settlement Offer?


After suffering a serious injury in an accident, the last thing you want is to deal with a long, drawn-out court battle over compensation for your losses. This often tempts injury victims into accepting personal injury settlement offers that may not be in their best interests.  In some cases, accepting a settlement offer from the... Read More

Summer Safety Tips for Chicagoans 


Summer is quickly approaching. With restrictions lifting, you and your family may be anxious to get outside and take advantage of the summer heat by taking a dip in the pool, beach, lake, or waterpark.  But it is important to remember that though it’s exciting that we can now get back out there and enjoy... Read More

Can I Sue a Nursing Home for Neglect?


No one wants to see their loved one go to the nursing home. But usually, nursing homes can offer your elderly family member more attention and a better way of life. At least, that’s the idea they sell you on. The brochure will tell you that your family member will be happier. They’ll make friends,... Read More

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