Sex Abuse by Illinois Clergy: Can I Sue?


Members of the clergy are trusted by adults and children alike. A clergy member’s job is to serve God, and with that occupation, they’re afforded ample power and respect. Unfortunately, in the last few decades, many Illinois clergy members have abused their power and sexually abused their constituents. Many victims of sexual abuse have trouble... Read More

Holding a Drunk Driver Accountable for an Accident


If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver while on the road, it’s understandable to feel both physically and emotionally distressed. Hopefully, you’ve already received medical attention for any injuries you’ve suffered so now you can focus on how to hold the driver accountable for their actions. The legal process may seem daunting when you... Read More

What Are the Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse?


Keeping your child safe from physical and emotional harm is a parent’s top priority. It can be terrifying to suspect that a child is suffering from sexual abuse, whether at school, church, or in some other setting. Your child may not speak up about abuse willingly, which is why it’s essential to be aware of... Read More

Common Damages in Sexual Abuse Claims


Sexual abuse is one of the worst things anyone can experience because it takes both a physical and emotional toll on the victim and the effects can last a lifetime. Although sexual abuse assailants may be charged in criminal court and punished with jail time and legal fines, the civil claims process is where abuse... Read More

Third Party Liability in Sexual Abuse Lawsuits


Sexual abuse is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through, and when you’ve been abused but are ready to stand up to your abuser and others who are partially responsible for the abuse you endured, you need the help of an experienced sexual abuse attorney. The sad truth is that in... Read More

Signs That Your Car Accident Gave You a Brain Injury


It’s not surprising to most of us that vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries. One of the most serious injuries you can receive is a head injury. Injuries to the head can change your life forever, causing extensive damages, lengthy recovery times, and pricey medical bills. Some potential damages your head injury could cause include... Read More

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