Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

While having an attorney is not a legal requirement for filing a lawsuit against the person responsible for your car accident, a lawyer can be a significant asset to your car crash case.

Most people do not have the experience or knowledge to file a successful suit on their own. Hiring an attorney can help you ensure that you stand a strong chance of winning your case and that you don’t settle for less than what your claim is worth.

Gathering the Right Evidence

Having the assistance of a qualified attorney is a great way to obtain the evidence you’ll need to be successful in your car accident claim. Gathering witness statements, videos, police reports, photos, vehicle manufacturer reports, and other critical pieces of evidence may be difficult while you are in the middle of a challenging recovery.

Help Determining Fault

In motor vehicle accident cases, multiple parties can hold liability for resulting injuries. While it’s easy to make the assumption that the other driver caused the accident, you may not know how to go about filing a suit against the local road authority or the manufacturers who are responsible for malfunctioning car parts. This is something a car accident lawyer can easily help you with.

Learning the Value of Your Claim

When dealing with the insurance company, having a experienced attorney by your side can help you make sure you aren’t taken advantage of. Insurance companies are quick to make lowball settlement offers to claimants working without a lawyer because they know most people don’t have a clear understanding of what they are really entitled to in terms of compensation.

Your attorney will go over every area of your life that your crash has affected and consider how impactful each hardship has been or will be. That way, we can help you determine a reasonable and fair compensation amount.

Meet with a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

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