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If a baby suffers a brain injury during birth, it can result in serious, lifelong consequences. Whether the brain injury was caused by a lack of oxygen or some type of trauma during birth, the truth is that a large percentage of these injuries could be prevented if the medical staff would simply pay attention and do their jobs.

If your child has suffered any kind of brain damage during birth, you should have your case reviewed by a qualified Chicago birth trauma and brain injury lawyer. At the law firm of Lane & Lane, LLC, we provide skillful representation of "our" children in fetal brain injury cases in Illinois and throughout the United States. We have extensive experience representing parents of children that have suffered a traumatic brain injury during birth.

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Brain injuries during birth can happen in many different ways and may be caused by a variety of different causes. We will fully investigate your child's case to determine if an error on the part of the medical staff was responsible. We will work to identify any negligent parties and make sure that they are all held accountable.

Our experience in these cases has given us insight as to how infant brain injuries occur and the long-term effects they can have. We know what types of benefits that are available to injury victims in these cases, and we know the best approach to securing full, fair and complete compensation on your child's behalf.

We have handled all types of complex infant brain injury cases, including cases involving:

  • Delayed deliveries that cause brain damage
  • Hypoxia or lack of oxygen to the brain
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Trauma to the brain due to forceps and vacuum extraction
  • Infections that cause brain damage
  • Other errors during delivery

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