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A Fatigued Truck Driver Is a Menace to Other Motorists

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Truck drivers are under immense pressure to get their cargo to its destination on time, no matter what. This type of pressure often causes drivers to make poor decisions and violate federal regulations for the sake of meeting a deadline. In many cases, they keep driving rather than getting much needed sleep, putting everyone on the road in danger.

The National Traffic Safety Board indicates that 52 percent of 107 single-vehicle accidents involving heavy trucks were fatigue-related. In more than 17 percent of those cases, the driver admitted to falling asleep. Research from the U.S. Department of Transportation shows that driver fatigue is a factor in approximately 20 percent of commercial road transport crashes.

When truck drivers fall asleep at the wheel, the resulting accidents can be fatal. If you have been injured, or someone you know was injured or killed, in a trucking accident that was caused due to driver fatigue the truck company or driver's negligence, you should contact an experienced Illinois personal injury lawyer immediately to discuss your right to seek damages.

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At the law firm of Lane & Lane, LLC, our Chicago truck driver fatigue accident attorneys aggressively pursue damages against negligent truck drivers who cause serious injuries to others. We know how to approach an investigation to these cases, and we know what it takes to secure the full, fair and complete compensation you are entitled to seek under the law.

Truck drivers are well aware of the requirements that govern how much sleep they must have and the number of hours they are allowed to drive on a daily and weekly basis. As part of our investigation, we will examine the driver's log books, look for prior violations or citations, investigate the driver's employer and look into any other information that might be relevant to your case.

We will use the results of our investigation to build the strongest possible case on your behalf and seek the maximum level of compensation available.

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