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Although the emotional wounds of losing a loved one may heal with time, the loss may impact the rest of your life. The untimely passing of a loved one is an experience everyone hopes to avoid, but, sometimes, other people’s carelessness forces you to face the unimaginable.

When that happens, the person whose negligent actions led to your loved one’s death must be addressed. The negative impact on your life must be accounted for.

Part of that process involves recovering monetary compensation for all the financial and emotional impacts the wrongful death of your loved one has caused. To recover that compensation in Illinois, you will need to file a wrongful death claim.

For help with your claim and getting the compensation you deserve, get in touch with a Chicago wrongful death lawyer at Lane & Lane, LLC. We will handle your case with care and determination in this difficult time.

Who Is Eligible for Wrongful Death Compensation in Illinois?

If your close friend suffered an untimely death because of someone else’s negligent actions, you may feel outraged and depressed, but you will not likely be able to file a claim for wrongful death in Illinois.

That’s because our state sets strict limits on who can file for wrongful death. If you are any of the following, you may be eligible to file a Chicago wrongful death claim:

  • The deceased person’s spouse
  • The deceased person’s adult child
  • The deceased person’s parent, if your child was a minor

Generally, the personal representative of your loved one’s estate will be responsible for pursuing wrongful death compensation. However, some people pass away unexpectedly, before they are able to appoint a personal representative. In those cases, a court might select you or another close relation to act as the representative.

Accidents That Cause Wrongful Death

Almost anything that can injure you can also become fatal. And almost any negligent action that leads to a person’s untimely death may warrant a wrongful death claim.

However, a few types of accidents tend to cause the majority of wrongful deaths in Chicago. Some of those accident types are detailed in the following list:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes – Crashes involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and other vehicles are extremely dangerous and often fatal. Unfortunately, a large number of those crashes are the result of careless actions by another driver or other party. In the case of a fatal accident, you might have a viable claim for wrongful death compensation.
  • Medical Malpractice – When doctors or other healthcare professionals do not meet the responsibilities defined by their profession, they can be held accountable if their careless actions hurt others. Negligence by a medical professional is called medical malpractice, and it is a common cause of wrongful death accidents in Chicago.
  • Workplace Accidents – A particularly common occurrence in the construction industry, fatal workplace accidents are often cause for a wrongful death claim. Workers have a right to a reasonably safe working environment, and the fatal negligence of others should not go unpunished.
  • Defective or Dangerous Products – Bad brakes, tainted medications, and even electronic devices that start fires are examples of defective products that can harm or even kill users. If that happened to your loved one, you might be able to name the manufacturer of the dangerous product in your wrongful death claim.

The Compensation You Need for Your Future

If successful, your wrongful death claim should compensate you for every hardship you have suffered or will have to suffer as a result of the death of your loved one. Your Chicago wrongful death claim attorney can make sure you list every damage possible in your claim.

Your damages will likely include financial and emotional difficulties tied to the passing of your loved one. Some common examples of wrongful death damages include the following:

  • Lost income your loved one would have earned for your household in the future
  • Medical expenses associated with the care of your loved one before his or her death
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of your relationship with your loved one, which may include support, guidance, affection, and more

Work with a Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney

After a loved one passes away, sometimes it takes everything you’ve got just to get out of bed in the morning. Handling a wrongful death claim and all the difficulties that accompany it is not something you want to add to this daily struggle.

But placing your claim in the hands of an experienced and qualified attorney will allow you to properly grieve your loss and, simultaneously, boost your chance of receiving the compensation you deserve. The help you need is at Lane & Lane, LLC.

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